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Veterinarian Testimonials in Corona, California

Yelp Review - Tanya H.
I've been taking my animals to Dr. Farrar for many years. He's always been compassionate and professional. The staff is so kind and professional. I couldn't ask for a better vet for my animals. Had to recently put one of my dogs down and the staff couldn't have been more compassionate. I love this place.
Yelp Review - Nichole P.
Dr. Farrar is the best. We have 3 dogs. This is the 3rd time we have seen him for our dogs. The last surgery on our Maltipoo to remove cysts under her belly, scar has healed so clean you wouldnt know she had surgery there. We have a Mastiff as well. Dr. Farrar & his staff took real good care of him considering how large our Mastiff is. I highly recommend this animal hospital.
Yelp Review - Mark S.
Everytime I move I try and find a really good vet well I was very blessed to find mark Farrar he took phenomenal care of our dogs everyone there the staff very kind understanding so I give him 5 stars one of the best veterinarians I have had. Thank-you!!
Yelp Review - Karl M.
I am a mother. I was raised with cats. Cats were "pets" and my family treated them as replaceable.

I met my boyfriend, a combat veteran, about 7 years ago and he had boxers. Huge boxers. Naturally, I was terrified of them. Fast forward 7 years and these boxers are my children. I have three children.

Today, my black boxer almost died. I was that woman who almost called 911 for my dog because that's how much of a human my dog is to me.

I flagged down people from the street. My dog collapsed. He was outside for 90 seconds. It's hot. I don't walk them in the heat. I'm not an idiot. But they acted like they needed to poop. So I took them outside. Again, 90 seconds.

My black boxer suddenly dives head first into bushes, moans like an animal dying, and freezes up. If you're a parent, I do not need to explain what it feels like to witness something like that.

I called Dr. Farrar and he left an office full of appointments, picked me up, and took care of my boxer. It was not heat at all. My boxer may possibly have beginning stages of a heart issue and we are set to see a cardiologist tomorrow.

Not only did Dr. Farrar go above and beyond, but his staff also did as well. My other boxer was crying for my black boxer so they let me sit in the room with both dogs while the EKG was being administered.

I am absolutely speechless as to the level of professionalism, care, and knowledge that my boys received today. It's places and people like these that remind me that the world is not so messed up.
Yelp Review - Susan R.
Mark Farrar, DVM has been my dog Companion's vet for 12 years, not counting the three years that I lost track of him when he opened his Animal Hosptial of Eagle Glen practice. Since I was unaware that he had opened Eagle Glen I spent those three years very unhappily going from one Corona Vet to another. I was so glad to have found him again.

Mark Farrar, DVM is concientious, knowledgeable and caring. He has worked with me on affordable treatments to keep my dog comfortable and pain free into Companion's 16th year.Several of his loyal patients are my freinds who had wasted money and time looking for a Vet like him. They had a few horror stories to tell and were grateful for the receommendation.

The office is always clean and the staff are the best. The most obvious indication of a good Vet are how much everyone in the office loves and cares about pets. The Animal Hospital of Eagle Glen has been a safe place for my dog to receive gentle, educated care.

On a side note, Dr Farrar is not as outgoing as he once was, but I take my dog to him because I do not need a new friend, I do need expert medical advise for my sweet Sheltie, and that is what I always get here.

Yelp Review - Amber K.
Great vet! I was driving all the way to another vet in Irvine until they almost killed my dog. My mini schnauzer has horrible allergies and allergic reactions to vaccinations. Dr Farrar always makes sure to pre treat her so she doesn't swell up. His staff is also amazing!!
Yelp Review - Drew H.
I've been using Dr. Farrar for a few years now and he has helped me maintain my dog's health when finances were next to nothing - I trust him more than any other local vet and I am happy to use them in the event of an emergency like a broken bone to my dog's regular medical checkups. Thank you!
Yelp Review - Sora R.
So~ I used to live in San Francisco and when I moved back south I had to find a vet that didn't charge an arm and a leg.

My cat is very precious to me, as is any other pet to their owner I imagine. Every time I go the staff is very friendly and they actually take interest in my pets. I brought my cat Ventus to them to get neutered. His previous vet didn't want to touch him, putting me through an emotional roller coaster by telling me he had a number of heart issues. I was assured however, but Doctor Farrar that nothing was wrong with him and it was safe. Ven got his neutering and is perfectly healthy. He's treated Ven for other things and always takes his time and is very, very kind and welcoming. Other vets I've met were rather cold and clinical and had little care for the animal other than to do the job and get out.

Today I brought them 2 other pets of mine and he treated them both at the same time, giving equal attention to both. As always the staff was kind and friendly and my experience was relaxed for both me and my pets.

As far as cleanliness goes, it's always absolutely spotless. If any animal has an accident it's cleaned up quickly and with assurances that it's alright it happens all the time don't be embarrassed. It smells pleasant too, no 'kennel' smell.

Over all I would highly recommend Doctor Farrar to anyone who needs an excellent Vet. They're professional, very fair priced, genuinely caring and just good people. I live in murrieta but happily drive to Corona just to see them and I can't imagine going with any other Vet.
Yelp Review - Robin S.
Dr. Mark Farrar has been an exceptional veterinarian for all of the years and many pets I've brought to him. He's knowledgeable, realistic, caring, thoughtful, and skilled, and spends quality time with each animal. He's gone above and beyond on more than one occasion for the health and care of my animals. His staff is helpful and friendly, the office is clean and high tech, and you never feel like just a customer. His pricing for procedures is more than reasonable, and the level of care my animals get is exceptional.
Google Review - Peggy Curl
Dr. Farrar is so good with all my animals. Our whole family goes here.
Google Review - Dena Wellman
Logan, my two year old Coton De Tulear was not treated nice by his first family and is shy and sometime afraid. The Doctor and staff are so friendly and helpful. We have been given all the time and attention needed at each visit to help us both feel comfortable while address our needs. I have lived in the area for more than 15 years ,I appreciate the convenient location and wonderful service.
Google User Review
Dr. Farrar has been seeing my pets for 12 years. He is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! He has saved several of my animals lives several times!!!!!!! If you want someone who will go the extra mile, then see Dr. Farrar. He knows what he is doing!!!!
Google User Review
WONDERFUL!!! I highly recommend this veterinarian office to anyone who dearly loves their pet. Dr. Farrer and his staff are so compassionate, animal-loving, caring, and calm, I'll never take my dog anywhere else.
Superpages Review
I have known Mark Farrar DVM for 15 years. I started seeing him when he worked at Small Animal Hospital in Riverside. Dr. Farrar spends quality time with you and explains in lay-mans-terms what is going on with your pet. He gives you all availble options for treatment, and explains each one. He is one of the BEST vets in Southern CA. I love his new hospital in Eagle Glen. His staff are all experienced and very caring. He will continue to be my Veterinarian! Congratulations Dr Farrar!
Superpages Review
Superpages Review
Really love this hospital. My Yorkie had ring worm from the place we bought it. They helped so much. My Carin goes here too. After years of being riped off at Banfield it's a nice change.Thanks Dr. Farrar!
Superpages Review
Really love this hospital. My Yorkie had ring worm from the place we bought it. They helped so much. My Carin goes here too. After years of being riped off at Banfield it's a nice change.Thanks Dr. Farrar!
Customer Review - Susan
Mark Farrar DVM is a warm and compassionate doctor. We had to let our white German Shepard go to heaven. Dr. Farrar came to our home and assisted with the process. He was gentle and kind with Paloma. She has been our protector for the past 8 years. She trusted him as he helped her quietly pass.

We will miss her. Thank you Dr. Farrar for helping us through this difficult time.
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